Arrow LionHeart heart-assist device patient receives heart transplant Gayle Snider.

Gayle was in great spirits before the procedure, stated Walter E. Pae Jr., cardiothoracic cosmetic surgeon, Penn State Cardiovascular Middle. He came through the task just good and is progressing needlessly to say. Snider, 36, from York, Pa., marked one year with the heart-assist device on May 14. He said in a declaration to the press that week: It’s hard to trust it’s been a 12 months. Although I haven’t got any surprises and have grown comfortable with these devices and the few changes I’ve had to create in my existence since I acquired the procedure, I’m very excited about the next step – – getting a center transplant.Plus, lead is found in many food items and even medicine, but nobody will inject lead into their veins and contact it immunity, now are they? That certainly won’t save lives and preserve health, like the CDC promises injecting aluminum, mercury as thimerosal and deadly formaldehyde perform. Here’s the CNN clip with Dr. Wolfson speaking. It’s hard to listen to, most likely because YouTube doesn’t need you watching it, and neither will MSM or the vaccine-industrial complex. They don’t let Wolfson speak though until five minutes into the interview. Check it out: By the real way, recently vaccinated kids spread the measles by shedding the LIVE VIRUS they’ve simply been injected with, so to even talk about that unvaccinated children shouldn’t go to public schools during a measles outbreak is certainly ridiculous fear-mongering spewed by a journalistic HACK on MSM in the name of a for-profit chemical substance industry.