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However, with the latest advancements in stem cell analysis it is becoming possible to derive unlimited numbers of mind cells from a little skin biopsy or additional adult cell types. Researchers transform pores and skin cells into nerve cells Today a research group from the Institute for Reconstructive Neurobiology and the Section of Neurology of the Bonn University INFIRMARY as well as colleagues from the life span & Mind GmbH and the University of Leuven provides acquired such nerve cells from human beings.Commercialized H2Gen PSA projects are working in North America and the center East successfully. There is absolutely no basic known reason behind cancer. It can be formed in virtually any physical body organ any moment. There are so many true facts about cancer which can be taken as the causes of cancer. When you shall try to know about cancer, you will see there are therefore many branches of the fatal disease and each of which is same harmful like others. No kind of cancer is minor cancer; all sorts of cancer is main type. Even all sorts are same fatal and killer illnesses and it must be avoided thereafter. Initially a malignant tumor grows from some swelling tissues and from then on some irregular cells grow.