Renewable energy is derived from sources that can be sustainably used over the long term. Promoting greater use of renewable energy is the primary purpose of Valley 25x’25, though we are not advocates of any particular type of renewable energy. Although energy efficiency is the option of first choice for Valley 25x’25, our long-term success depends upon much greater use of renewable sources of energy.  Renewable energy has been used for millennia; indeed, prior to the 17th century virtually all energy used by humans was from renewable sources such as wood. Although fossil fuels provide a quick and easy source of energy, excessive reliance on fossil fuels has create a host of problems and vulnerabilities.

The tabs in this section describe various forms of renewable energy. These pages contain a wide range of resources for Valley residents interested in renewable energy solutions.  The National 25x’25 organization has recently released a report estimating the positive impact that pursuing and achieving the goal of 25% renewable energy would have for the nation.