Q: What is Valley 25x’25?

A: Valley 25x’25 is an organization devoted to promoting sensible renewable energy and energy conservation projects in the Shenandoah Valley.   Started by JMU and including a broad array of interested individuals and organizations, Valley 25x’25 has a goal of helping the Shenandoah Valley achieve the goal of producing 25% of its energy from renewable sources before the year 2025.  We are associated with the national 25x’25 organization, but have our own unique identity.


Q: Why should I care about renewable energy?

A: The U.S. imports 66% of its oil and about 23% of its total energy.   America’s farms, forests, and other natural resources could be providing us with clean, renewable, domestically produced energy.  Supporting renewable energy helps decrease America’s dependence on foreign fuel sources and preserve our natural resources and our health.  Furthermore, continued increases in energy prices may make renewables more cost effective in the long-term than traditional fossil fuel sources.  Energy efficiency efforts almost alwaysy pay for themselves within a few years.


Q: Who supports Valley 25x’25?

A: We hope that everyone in the Shenandoah Valley will support us in one way or another.  A number of industrial, agricultural, and university partners pledged to help the effort from the outset, but we always welcome new endorsers or partners.  To pledge your support, please .


Q: What counts as renewable energy?

A: Any energy source that can be used indefinitely without exhausting its supply is considered to be renewable.  Typically these include solar (photovoltaic or solar-thermal), wind, hydroelectric, biomass (biofuels or biomass for electricity), and geothermal.  Nuclear and “clean coal” technologies are alternative energy sources, but are not usually considered to be renewable.


Q: I don’t like corn ethanol, so how can I support Valley 25x’25?

A: Easily!  Valley 25x’25 does not promote the production of corn ethanol in the Shenandoah Valley.   Our primary focus is on improving energy efficiency and promoting sensible and sustainable renewable energy projects that make suit the Valley.  Renewable energy is much more than biofuels (and biofuels are much more than just corn-based ethanol)!


Q: What type work does Valley 25x’25 do?

A: Much of our focus is on education, outreach, and community support.  We want to help you learn more about sensible renewable energy options and how they can be part of your energy portfolio.  Valley 25x’25 is committed to working with individuals, companies, and organizations to identify opportunities for implementing renewable energy solutions.


Q: How do I find out more?

A: For more information about Valley 25x’25, explore Valley25x25.org or .