Company finds particular value in autistic employees SANTA MONICA.

Company finds particular value in autistic employees SANTA MONICA, Calif. But now, he appears to be excelling at it. Parker is a software analyst. Parker says that whenever he was developing up, he by no means envisioned having employment like this. 75 % of autistic adults are unemployed Approximately, in part because the brain disorder helps it be difficult to interact with others. But many on the autism spectrum likewise have an uncanny capability to concentrate intensely on minute details – – perfect for the tiresome work of trying to find glitches in software applications.Aptamers may refine malignancy treatment University of Florida experts have successfully used molecular probes to detect subtle differences in leukemia cells from individual samples, an accomplishment that could lead to more effective methods to diagnose and treat cancer. The strategy, described in a recent issue of Clinical Chemistry, involves engineering short, one strands of RNA or DNA called aptamers to search out and bind with particular proteins in body fluids. UF researchers designed the aptamers to bind to cells and molecules connected with leukemia, a cancer of the bloodstream and bone marrow that annually claims about 21,000 lives in america, according to the National Tumor Institute.