Club Wrap Prep time: 8 minutes The thing you need: 1 whole-wheat tortilla.

Spread hummus using one side of tortilla. Lay the lettuce, turkey, ham, Swiss cheese, and tomato along with the hummus. Roll the tortilla in the shape of a cylinder. Just how much does this recipe make? 1 serving.. Club Wrap Prep time: 8 minutes The thing you need: 1 whole-wheat tortilla, 7′ diameter 2 tablespoons hummus 1 leaf of romaine lettuce 1 slice turkey lunchmeat 1 slice ham lunchmeat 1 slice Swiss cheese 2 tomato slices Equipment and supplies: 1 butter knife What to do: Place tortilla on a flat surface.An optical detection system, consisting of an inverted fluorescence microscope, enabled the experts to measure drug efflux and influx instantly, before and after the cells had been dosed with several pump inhibitors. In their current function, which appears in the journal Analytical Chemistry, the investigators studied the consequences of the antipump drug verapamil on the internet intake of the anticancer medication daunorubicin. This function is detailed in the paper ‘Same-Single-Cell Evaluation for the analysis of Medication Efflux Modulation of Multidrug Resistant Cells Utilizing a Microfluidic Chip.’ Investigators from the BC Cancer Analysis Middle in Vancouver participated in this study also.