BIND Therapeutics and Pfizer sign collaboration contract to develop.

That is our second collaboration centered on developing novel Accurins predicated on BIND's system for targeted and programmable therapeutics and additional validates the need for targeted nanomedicines while a strategic technology for the pharmaceutical market. Pfizer includes a solid legacy in targeted little molecule medication discovery and advancement and is still on the leading edge of advancement in this region, said Rod MacKenzie, Senior Vice Mind and President of PharmaTherapeutics R&D at Pfizer.Physicians need to take a more active role by prescribing supplements along with the medications and informing their individuals these drugs will just succeed if taken correctly, he says. The paper reviewed the scientific trials leading to the Food and Medication Administration authorization of the osteoporosis medicines, which fall into four groups: bisphosphonates ; recombinant individual parathyroid hormone ; calcitonin ; and selective estrogen receptor modulators . The osteoporosis medications have been proven effective only once taken in conjunction with adequate vitamin plus calcium D.