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Yes, getting gay is a criminal offense in Malaysia. The mainstream media has generally glossed over this matter, preferring to spell it out the captain as an anti-government person, nonetheless it significantly appears that he could actually be considered a supporter of solid authorities reforms in a nation where sexual orientation discrimination may be the laws of the land. No matter where you stand on the problem of gay relationship in america, I hope that Natural News supporters and readers can concur that being gay isn’t a criminal offense punishable by prison period, and any federal government that throws people in prison to be gay can be an oppressive police condition regime that without doubt has a right to be reformed or overthrown.Go through Chapter Three of my fiction reserve, ‘Independence Chronicles 2026.’ It depicts a seed smuggler surviving in a period when seeds are criminalized and folks make a living as professional seed smugglers. In my own book, a woman runs on the specially-crafted breasts prosthesis to smuggle seeds to ‘underground gardeners’ completely defiance of laws and regulations crafted by Monsanto. A huge underground network of grassroots gardeners and researchers manage to come up with a ‘seed weapon’ to destroy GMOs and get back the meals supply from evil companies. Mark my terms: Seeds are going to become contraband. Anyone who grows their own meals is about to end up being targeted as a criminal. The national governments of the globe, conspiring with companies like Monsanto, usually do not wish any individual in order to grow their very own food.