On Wednesday Preliminary leads to be presented.

The women taking part in this ongoing clinical trial are being treated at the University of Oklahoma in Oklahoma Town, Harbor-UCLA INFIRMARY, the Comprehensive Breast Center in Coral Springs, Fla., the Mroz-Baier Breast Treatment Clinic in Memphis, Tenn., and many other breast centers in the United States. Previous Phase II, or dose-escalation, outcomes of the breast cancers heat treatment were reported in the February 2004 problem of the Annals of Medical Oncology.To address this problem, we want to know how tumors are regulated one at a time. Eventually, we hope to be able to treat patients not really on an individual basis, but predicated on common vulnerabilities of the cancers cellular machinery, which genetic mutations are just indirect evidence. Genetic alterations are clearly in charge of tumorigenesis but control points in molecular networks might be better therapeutic targets.’ Dr. Califano and his co-workers are currently testing this individualized method of cancer in a small number of patients with gastric and neuroendocrine tumors. Based on what they have discovered from these ‘N-of-1’ studies, they are developing a fresh clinical trial protocol to study around 30-40 individuals with pancreatic, gastric, neuroendocrine, and other tumors that have not responded to conventional therapy.