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It is usually caused by bacteria, such as streptococci, staphylococci, or Pseudomonas. Swimmer’s ear usually occurs after excessive contact with water – if water collects in the ear canal, often enclosed with wax, the skin is soaked to flourish is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. The protective properties of the ear works best when they are dry.. After ear infections or ear surgery – ask your doctor if OK OK to swim, and follow his / her recommendations. – By Christian Nordqvist Copyright Written by Medical News Today-, otitis externa wax, acute otitis externa, swimmer ‘s ear, or tropical ear is an infection of the skin, referred to as the external auditory canal to the to the eardrum, the eardrum.If we Hormone and other chemicals signal capable of identifying the same channels shown herein shown here, be through a combined action coordinated have orchestrates Symphonic of the weight suppression, Hayes said.

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