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According to McTeer, the Commission will address several key questions: Just how do we change and re-align health providers to make better use of existing resources, including the skills of registered nurses? How can we decrease duplication and increase teamwork to make our health and wellness system smarter and more effective? Where should we mobilize assets to handle worrisome trends – just like the alarming rise of chronic disease, which we know could be amenable to effective already, secure interventions by nurses? .. Arizona Condition University physicist explains new theory of cancer With death rates from cancer have remained largely unchanged in the last 60 years, a physicist is trying to shed more light on the disease with a very different theory of its origin that traces cancer back again to the dawn of multicellularity more than a billion years back.The power for oil businesses to earn a income off their wastewater, is incredibly similar to the method the phosphate fertilizer industry sells their byproduct, hydrofluorosilicic acid, to become added to public normal water. While officials are defending the use of recycled drinking water for crops based on the state’s current drinking water shortages, as mentioned previous, the practice has been taking place for a long time, and absolutely no study has been conducted to recognize any potential dangers. Follow breaking tales on fracking at fracking.information ‘As an environmental health scientist, that is one of the things that keeps me up at night’ Water Defense, a nonprofit founded this year 2010 by actor Tag Ruffalo, has managed to get their mission to inform the public about what’s within their water, as well as hold drinking water polluters accountable, and that is exactly what they’re doing.