BA Hons It was recently announced that substances in cocoa might help to reduce blood pressure.

Epidemiological studies have linked even little reduction in blood pressure with beneficial results on cardiovascular health. What do you consider was the mechanism behind flavanols assisting to decrease bloodstream pressure? Flavanols are responsible for the forming of nitric oxide in the body, and nitric oxide causes bloodstream vessel wall space to relax and open wider, thereby reducing blood pressure. How much cocoa/dark chocolate was would have to be consumed in order to see this decrease in blood pressure? Individuals in the 20 studies included in our review ate 3-100g of chocolate each day, or between one piece and one bar of chocolate made up of 50-85 percent of cocoa. Available data to date will not allow any suggestions regarding optimal dosage.Interestingly, these changes weren’t found everywhere, but were ideal in a area of the brain associated with complex thought. Next, the experts used a technique known as single-cell qPCR to look for the numbers of APP copies in 154 specific neurons from Alzheimer's and normal brains. They also tested the neurons utilizing a technique called FISH as an independent solution to assess APP copies using fluorescent probes. The experts after that quantified the copies of APP using both techniques. The tests demonstrated that neurons from sufferers with sporadic Alzheimer's disease were four times as more likely to contain more than the regular two copies of APP, with some Alzheimer's neurons containing up to 12 copies of APP, a phenomenon never seen in the controls.