And hundreds of thousands of Californians.

That is a time to accomplish all we can to serve the general public interest, not self-interest. I desire Californians to report evidence of price-gouging to my office. If the evidence warrants, I will not really hesitate to consider enforcement actions against unlawful profiteering. Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline yesterday sued Florida-based Meds-Stat, alleging deceptive and unconscionable acts. Lockyer said his office has not yet received problems about cost gouging. But given how big is its market, he noted California could well experience complications reported in other states. Lockyer said his office will thoroughly evaluate flu vaccine gouging problems for evidence of unconscionability or violations of laws governing consumer protection and unfair business procedures.‘Data collected will be beneficial to clinicians, policy makers, patient groups, and the licensed suppliers involved in the growing and distribution of medical cannabis as a therapeutic modality’. Evidence-centered medicine in combination with expert medical advice provides patients with a targeted approach to using medical cannabis in the administration of various conditions which have negative health impacts on the patient and their quality of life. ‘At CannTrust, patients are our first priority,’ says Norman Paul, Chairman of CannTrust. ‘Through the Canabo collaborative research project, we're contributing to the growing body of evidence-based analysis for the utilization and efficacy of medical cannabis and, importantly, will be helping our patients to better manage their medical conditions.’..