Daniela Jakubowicz from a healthcare facility de Clinicas in Caracas.

Secretary of Condition Hillary Clinton, USAID Administrator Rajiv Shah and Section of Health insurance and Human Providers Secretary Kathleen Sebelius will be joined at the function by actor Ben Affleck, founder of the Eastern Congo Initiative, ‘a nonprofit group that was produced this year 2010 to foster financial and social development for the Congolese people.’ Affleck aims ‘to pull attention to the higher rate of preventable kid mortality in the Democratic Republic of the Congo,’ the united states with the ‘fifth highest mortality rate in the global world for kids under five years old, the Eastern Congo Initiative stated,’ the news service writes .Duanne Graveline, M.D., wrote on the subject of his horrific knowledge with statins, and how he was due to them to suffer two transient global amnesia events as well as chronic neuropathy. The former astronaut and aerospace medical analysis scientist clarifies how these traumatic events were the direct consequence of statins altering his mind. His buddy Dr. David Brownstein highlighted the mechanics behind this damage on his blog also, pointing out that statins work by poisoning an enzyme known as HMG-CoA reductase, which the body uses to produce cholesterol, adrenal hormones, sex hormones and storage proteins.