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Can-Fite enrolled a complete of 326 sufferers through 17 scientific centers in the U.S., Europe, and Israel. The 1st study segment was comprised of three arms with 103 sufferers who received either 1 mg of CF101; 2 mg of CF101; or placebo. All individuals receiving placebo had been switched to either 1 mg or 2 mg of CF101 after 12 weeks and continued receiving treatment until week 24. Following a positive interim evaluation, Can-Fite continued to sign up patients to the second segment of the analysis.The youngest rats, called pups, first experience the mother’s existence with both positive and negative stimuli. Even if the mother does something unpleasant, like stepping on or biting a puppy, the infant rat stays near by the mother, something called preference learning. ‘From an evolutionary standpoint, this makes sense,’ said Barr. ‘The dependent baby has a better chance of survival if it generally does not stray from the mother’s side.’ However, at about ten days of age, the rat pups experience a transition to so-called aversion learning, where they learn to prevent unpleasant stimuli.