An atypical mole Although some moles may clinically have atypical features.

Case presentation A 34-year-old man had at least 10 atypical benign moles removed over an 18-season period. At the right time of consultation he had a 7 mm diameter, irregularly formed mole of unidentified duration on his upper back . Dermoscopy showed a patchy pigment network blended with scattered pigment dots and globules. The network was accentuated in two areas, but the pigment was not coarse and there have been no peripheral streams of pigment or blunt pseudopods . Excision biopsy revealed an epidermis with a irregular and prominent rete ridge system.Bruker optical surface profiler systems built with the brand new AcuityXR mode have shown quality of features below 130 nanometers wide, which is definitely unprecedented in optical microscopy and is nearly 3 x finer than for systems without this technology. Furthermore, AcuityXR allows this new degree of precision while preserving the wide field-of-view and high performance benefits of Bruker non-contact, 3D optical surface profiling. With AcuityXR, dimensional repeatability on narrow structures offers been proven to improve by more than a aspect of 5x, displaying a true metrology benefit to the technology furthermore to its capability to reveal exceptionally great features. AcuityXR can be an optional capability that is available these days on Bruker ContourGT-K1, X3 and X8 optical surface area profilers.