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American Express, TakePart announce last round of Members Task winners American Express and TakePart declared today the final round of Members Project winners, chosen by the public through online voting. These five companies will collectively receive $1 million in funding from American Express to advance their missions of serving communities around the country. In the last year, we have been overwhelmed by the dedication our Members Task community has shown to doing good and getting involved woman’s health . We are proud to have got created a program which has done so much good for so many people and institutions. Since March 2010, Associates Project has enabled its online community to give $4.2 million to 21 non-profit organizations, both domestically and internationally.

The troublesome central point of the film is that Us citizens are not required by law to spend a federal income tax. It is overpowering to believe that such a fraud as this could have already been perpetuated on the American people for such a long time. In the film, Russo expresses this feeling to IRS employees and asks them to cite where it says an unapportioned income tax is required of all of us. And intensely, they can’t. One telling segment consists of Sheldon Cohen, previous IRS commissioner, who will go so far as to reject Supreme Courtroom rulings and the Constitution as benchmarks over what’s legal with regard to taxation.