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Changes in Japan’s MHLW reimbursement will travel chronic dialysis catheter market According to Millennium Research Group , the global authority upon medical technology market cleverness, shifts in Japan’s Ministry of Wellness Labour and Welfare reimbursement, which encourage services to use higher-priced chronic dialysis catheters, will result in double-digit development in this segment more than another five years, and can support overall marketplace revenues .

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Recently there’s been a striking upsurge in published studies using salivary proteins and various other oral biomarkers for diagnostic reasons. This symposium will provide a synopsis of the field of oral-based diagnostics also to discuss the problems to investigators in dealing with saliva including problems of collection, standardization, storage space of samples, quantitation of biomarkers and proteomic methods that are appropriate for this fluid. In this symposium, researchers M. Navazesh, E. Helmerhorst and D. Granger shall discuss the standardization of saliva diagnostic methods, the challenges on salivary diagnostics and the relationship between saliva and proteome biology..