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Demand papers accelerates cancer details transfer – ecancermedicalscience ecancermedicalscience aims to boost communications between sub-specialised malignancy researchers and clinicians by working interactively and faster – supplying authors an instant peer review process. Submit your paper and you’ll hear if it will be released within three weeks. Ecancermedicalscience can be an independent online journal, publishing research content articles after full peer review. All content are posted immediately upon acceptance on the web. The journal is released by Malignancy Intelligence Ltd, Westpoint, 78 Queens Street, Clifton, Bristol, BS8 1QU.‘It was a powerful demonstration of the potential of CYCLOPS genes to serve as targets for tumor therapies,’ Beroukhim explains. The fact that CYCLOPS genes tend to be neighbors of tumor suppressor genes makes them a lot more attractive as drug targets, the scholarly study authors say. Tumor suppressor genes themselves have proven difficult to focus on exceedingly. In cancers with missing copies of tumor suppressor genes, blocking nearby CYCLOPS genes presents a promising method to dampen cell proliferation.