PRESS RELEASE NORTH CHICAGO, Ill.,Sept onlineapotek . 9, today announced the start of the voting contest stage of its annual AbbVie CF Scholarship program 2015/PRNewswire/ –AbbVie. The public is motivated to visit throughSeptember 22, 2015to help determine who’ll earn a complete of$23,000to pursue their educational dreams during the 2015-2016 college year. Earlier this year, 40 extraordinary students living with cystic fibrosis received$2,500based on educational excellence, community involvement, imagination and the ability to serve as a positive function model for the CF community. Each one of these students now have the opportunity to vie for open public votes to earn the name of 2015 Thriving Undergraduate or Graduate Scholar.


Seven of these compounds were found to be energetic. Testing compounds bearing chemical substance similarity to the original compounds lead to the discovery of extra and more potent so-called ‘lead’ compounds. Optimization of the initial ‘lead’ substances was performed by chemical synthesis of 250 fresh compounds bearing small but important chemical modifications on one of the initial leads. Greater than a dozen active compounds have been discovered by this method. The best drug candidate reduces red blood cell rupture by 95 % without impacting bacterial growth. Starting this fall, Dr.