A confidential web-based system.

To submit facilities reports of serious events and incidents through the Pennsylvania Patient Safety Reporting System , a confidential web-based system, the independent authority for the established under a contract with ECRI, a Pennsylvania non – profit developed health services research agency. In partnership with EDS, a leading international, information technology companies and the Institute for safe Medication Practices , also a Pennsylvania-based non-profit health research organization.

‘.. The most recent reports that show the Patient Safety Authority to can be fatal in untrained hands, propofol can be. The Pennsylvania Patient Safety Reporting System has over 100 reports, In many cases of propofol has been quoted receive. Sixteen % of these reports serious events serious events, including four have played have played a role in propofol. In many cases, the events show that the practitioners involved in the administration of the drug is not fully in the use of propofol and other heavy sedation drugs trained. – ‘The question’Who should administer propofol? not easy to answer not easy to answer, ‘said Alan BK Rabinowitz, administrator of the Patient Safety Authority, ‘since several respected professional medical associations with other, equally respected professional associations on protocols for the management and supervision of the drug do not agree.Frontotemporal dementia According Alzheimer’s disease Frontotemporal dementia is the most prevalent form of dementia in patients than 65. Than 65. FTD impacts the frontal cortex , which die off the brain tissue. At a frontal lobe is the front part brain and makes up about 30 percent of the brain composition. Of the DNA from FTDU families identified defects that may cause a shortage of progranulin. Progranulin is famous in cancer research , where excess this protein results in tumor. What it does brain, and how it supporting brain cells being still not known..

An unexpected twist offer the biological role of progranulin during the formation of FTD, a completely new an insight into the brains cells are dying. Van Broeckhoven the Team research indicates that the volume of progranulin in the brain has cell cell survival of. Which hereditary defects that cause researchers FTD patients FTD patient , only 50 percent of the protein be produced because only one copy of gene is active. Therefore, FTD patients produce lower the progranulin than healthy people. It has been demonstrated that too many progranulin leads to Krebs – time now, the research have interesting to note that too little progranulin FTD basis.