Coding suggestions for Agendias MammaPrint test established by Palmetto GBA Agendia.

Richard Bender, Chief Medical Officer of Agendia.. Coding suggestions for Agendia’s MammaPrint test established by Palmetto GBA Agendia, a world leader in molecular cancer diagnostics, announced today that Palmetto GBA, California’s Component B Medicare administrator, has generated coding guidelines for the business’s MammaPrint test. MammaPrint is usually Agendia’s FDA-cleared breast cancer recurrence test, which includes been reimbursed by payors since 2008.Perform you smoke? Your company could penalize you with higher healthcare premiums soon The US healthcare system is chaos, as both health insurance and treatment costs continue to soar exponentially year after year. But one way some companies are assisting to address this dire scenario is to begin with penalizing workers that represent the largest drain on the system with higher health care premiums. Reuters reviews that Veridian Credit Union, a Waterloo, Iowa-based firm, recently unveiled a new wellness and screening system aimed at helping those in high-risk health classes to obtain healthier. But portion of the program contains charging smokers and obese workers higher healthcare premiums beginning in 2013, which some allege is usually unfair and an intrusive breach of personal privacy.