Treatment might be as basic as elevating the splinted arm.

Broken Elbow Treatment Treatment of a broken elbow depends upon the type of injury that the individual has suffered. Treatment might be as basic as elevating the splinted arm, applying ice to swollen areas, and taking pain relievers. Treatment can also include surgery to repair bones, nerves, and blood vessels . Children and adults usually have various kinds of elbow injuries. In addition they heal in completely different ways, so different remedies are used for adults and children with broken elbows often.

Broken Wrist Wrist fractures are most common fracture of individuals under the age of 75. Common factors behind wrist fractures include falling in an outstretched hand causing a number of of the bones that make up the wrist to buckle. In this situation a Colles` fracture, is the result often. In a Colles` fracture, a broken distal radius bone is displaced. Displaced fractures have to be aligned and kept constantly in place while they heal so the end result isn’t only cosmetically normal but also functionally normal.