CEO of Arrayit Diagnostics.

Moreover, considering that we estimate the total market for a practical early stage ovarian malignancy screening check in the U.S., Japan and European countries could collectively represent use of up to 175 million kits each year; beyond 2010, annual revenues for Arrayit Diagnostics could reach in to the hundreds of millions ultimately, and perhaps even billions, of dollars. Ovarian cancer presents with largely nonspecific symptoms during its initial stages of progression, however there is absolutely no adequate screening or diagnostic test for early stage detection currently. As a result, most ovarian cancers are diagnosed only when later on stage symptoms manifest and the condition provides metastasized to other parts of the body.In this special survey, Adams reveals over twelve potent anti-cancer therapies, items and nutritional supplements, yet he earns no cash whatsoever from the sale of such products. Keeping his journalistic independence, Adams simply reviews on the true factors behind cancer and genuine cancers cures without any economic involvement whatsoever in the merchandise he recommends. ‘While nonprofit cancer organizations gladly take cash from companies that benefit from cancer, I simply won’t accept hardly any money whatsoever from the merchandise that I would recommend for healing and preventing cancer,’ Adams said. ‘Readers have to know that my suggestions are made entirely predicated on merit, today and unlike the cancer non-profit organizations operating, I can’t be bought off with Big Pharma cash.