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Officials, the U.N. News Centre writes . Relating to Xinhua, Bowden produced a short-term appeal of 12 million U.S. Dollars for the first quarter of 2010 to mitigate chronically high prices of acute malnutrition . Media Examines Alcoholic beverages, Drug Use In Russia, HIV Pass on NPR examines the prevalence of alcohol abuse and the more recent rise in intravenous drug use in Russia. The price of drug-related deaths, at 80 a full day, is one of the world’s highest. Relating to CNN, IV medication use is fueling the pass on of HIV in Russia. Demonstrators Highlight Plight Of HIV-Positive People In China [D]ozens of people from China’s Henan province who contracted HIV/AIDS from bloodstream transfusions demonstrated before the country’s wellness ministry in Beijing to highlight the challenges facing Chinese AIDS individuals, the Irish Times reports.There are thousands of people in America researching to get yourself a healthier lifestyle by using a personal trainer. Becoming a qualified personal trainer begins you on the way to a rewarding profession with unlimited opportunity. What a Certified FITNESS EXPERT Does Certified fitness trainers are specialists who make use of an individualistic method of assess, motivate and teach clients regarding their health goals. While being a fitness expert may not really be for everybody, for those who have certain character traits you will be very successful.