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The Mount Sinai study outcomes revolve around synapses, the gaps between nerve cells. Within healthful nerve pathways, each nerve cell sends an electric pulse down itself until it gets to a synapse where it triggers the discharge of chemicals known as neurotransmitters that float over the gap and trigger the downstream nerve cell to ‘fire’ and spread the message. The theory is these sticky clumps actually interfere with synaptic structures and disrupt mechanisms that maintain storage circuits' fitness. ‘Considering that cognitive decline in Alzheimer's disease is considered to start years before symptoms show up, we believe our outcomes possess broad implications for preventing Alzheimer's dementia and disease.Health benefits as an antioxidant was exhibited with regards to preventing both cardiovascular diabetes and attack. Benefits of black tea have already been well documented as time passes, and because its flavor is appealing, people adjust to daily intake easily. Several factors should be considered before raising intake of daily tea. For instance, sweetened tea is preferred by many. If tea intake is increased on a regular basis, blood sugar levels would exceed normal limits. High doses of caffeine may lead to high blood pressure and anxiety.