Geisinger announce personalized health care collaboration Cernostics Inc.

And Chairman of Cernostics.. Cernostics, Geisinger announce personalized health care collaboration Cernostics Inc., a biotechnology company specializing in advanced cancer diagnostics, and Geisinger Wellness System, a $2.1 billion integrated health services organization, today announced a partnership in personalized healthcare. They will concentrate on developing diagnostic technology to detect subtle distinctions in the cellular and molecular makeup of patient tissue samples. These technologies promise to better predict disease progression and recognize patients who are most likely to be receptive to specific cancer treatments.The cells that are present on the surface must be given efficient amount of circulation of blood which is attained with the intake of coconut water. The intake mainly leads for the cleansing of the pores so as to allow effective area for the oxygen to create its presence & thus achieve flawless complexity. This water is said to be made up of cytokinins that lead for preventing the occurrence of anti-aging wrinkles & premature signs of aging. During the summer months or rainy season, a lot of people experience some infections upon this surface, along with sensations of itching. So the consumption of the liquid possesses anti-viral, anti-microbial & anti-fungal characteristic features for important healing and also soothing of the skin.

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