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Others get caught and decide it is not worth it. Unfortunately, some kids begin cheating and feel just like they can’t stop. Kids who cheat may feel worried about getting caught. Whether they are caught or not, these small children may feel guilty, or embarrassed, or ashamed — or all three. Also if the cheater feels good or doesn’t get caught, that doesn’t mean it’s OK. If you see someone cheating, or if somebody asks to copy your work, you can inform a teacher or another grown-up. Kids who also get caught cheating might be given a ‘zero’ rating on the assignment, end up being sent to the principal’s workplace, and also have their parents contacted.You see, foreign bacteria, called free radicals also, are like radical Islamic terrorists. They want to infect the whole organism, but they are small therefore they make an effort to infect us with cancer, and Perhaps in the terrorist’s case it will be terror or something. Anyway, the anti-oxidants prevent that from taking place, not the terrorist attacks but the cancer. Although who knows, if the terrorist ate even more cherries probably they wouldn’t feel so inclined to attack larger countries. That is speculation simply, I don’t actually have any scientific proof helping the case of cherries being a get rid of for hate mongering terrorists. But it will help to prevent cancer and pain.. BMI influences hormone levels in obese, obesity By Sally Robertson, medwireNews Reporter A higher body mass index does not have any significant effect on parameters of sperm quality, though it does lower serum degrees of testosterone, luteinizing hormone , and prolactin, say researchers.