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The automation and flexibility of febit’s technology allows us to investigate a number of different diseases in short periods of time.’ The Kimmel Cancer Center focuses on the discovery of cancer risk factors, prevention strategies and cancer diagnostic along with targeted tumor treatment to boost survival and quality of life for individuals. Peer Staehler, febit’s CSO, said: ‘We are delighted that the Kimmel Malignancy Center use the Geniom RT Analyzer to judge mutations and miRNAs in a number of diseases. The flexible Geniom technology keeps speed with the advances in genomic research and enables large cohort studies with statistical relevance provided by Geniom’s high amount of automation.’..The bid to curtail so-called ‘pro-ana’ and ‘pro-mia’ sites and discussion boards will highlight how some youngsters are being encouraged to indulge in ‘dangerous’ behaviour to control their weight. It will coincide with the start of National Eating Disorder Consciousness Week and gets the support of doctors and campaigners who state internet service companies and some social networking sites, such as for example MySpace and Facebook, are failing to tackle such problems. Related StoriesNew guide may help parents identify body image problems in childrenTuring Pharmaceuticals acquires privileges to market Daraprim in the U.S.UNC experts find association between gut microbiota and anorexia nervosaThe sites are regarded by many as despicable as they serve to bolster the myth that having an feeding on disorder isn’t a issue and serve to encourage visitors to avoid treatment.