According to a report from the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto.

Dewa. ‘Our study shows that helping employees understand when they should be looking for help would significantly boost work productivity.’ In addition to treatment need, researches assessed attitudinal and structural barriers to accessing mental health services also. Attitudinal barriers include stigma of mental belief and illness that treatment is definitely ineffective. Structural barriers include financial limitations and problems accessing appropriate mental health care. When all three types of barriers had been removed, researchers found that loss of work efficiency was reduced by 50 percent nearly. ‘Improving recognition for treatment isn’t the only opportunity for companies,’ says Dr. Dewa. ‘The most effective workplace mental health strategies will acknowledge the complexity of the problem and address all elements in a comprehensive way.’..Abiraterone is a drug produced by Cougar Biotechnology Incorporated, and currently being investigated for make use of in treatment of prostate cancers. It works to block the production of testosterone, which enhances the development and advancement of prostate malignancy, by inhibiting an enzyme involved in the formation of testosterone. In medication trials of abiraterone, it appears that the drug may reduce the levels of prostate particular antigen , along with shrink prostate cancer tumors.