Multidisciplinary approach to inpatient care.

Healthcare professionals assigned to the Advanced Heart Failure unit add a team of specific physicians and nurses in addition to a social workers, physical nutritionists and therapists. Together, the team consults with each patient daily and prescribe necessary lifestyle changes to improve heart health, such as slimming down, exercising and staying away from high-extra fat and salty foods. Social workers help patients adjust to post-hospitalization living arrangements and home health care. ‘Patients with congestive center failure have a 50 % readmission rate within six months, which is a heavy price both with regards to quality of life and financially,’ stated Michele Hamilton, M.D. Director of the Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute’s Heart Failure System.CCTSI receives $48.4M grant from NIH to continue seamless, secure translation of biomedical research Research has found that what is most important to an aging senior is independence. A collaborative research through the Colorado Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute and the Center for African American Health is working with African American females to discuss the need for walking. Yes, the easy act of walking allows seniors to keep their independence, maintain their balance, keep them in their homes and maintain them healthy.