Mainly in oncology field.

Cellvax moves to new laboratory facility in ENVA Cellvax is a French company which provides complete in vitro & in vivo preclinical innovating providers allowing to accelerate the drug development procedure for unmet requirements related to severe human diseases, mainly in oncology field. Cellvax was made in 2001 as a French SME by a motivated and complementary team comprising scientists and experts in these areas. By offering its know-how and its capacity of development, Cellvax has successfully completed numerous in vitro and in vivo studies for different companies in Europe, Israel and in the global globe.David Geldmacher of the University of Virginia and co-workers tested pioglitazone in Alzheimer’s patients who didn’t have diabetes and found a slower progression of the condition in 12 out of 25 patients who required pioglitazone. Rachel Whitmer of Kaiser Permanente in Oakland, California, studied 22,852 sufferers with type 2 diabetes for eight years and found those with very poor blood sugars control were much more likely to build up dementia, while people that have the worst blood sugar levels, were 78 % more likely to obtain dementia.