Double the risk of heart failure improved quality of life.

However, patients have twice the risk of heart failureMayo Clinic researchers have found that rheumatoid arthritis patients, double the risk of heart failure, or a weakening of the ability of the heart have to pump blood, as those without rheumatoid arthritis are published after a new study published in the February issue of the journal arthritis & Rheumatism? rheumatology improved quality of life . About one third of studied patients with rheumatoid arthritis developed heart failure over 30 years of illness. ‘We want to carry out this study, because we believe that patients earlier with rheumatoid arthritis die than the general population, and especially heart disease knew decide,’Paulo Nicola, Mayo Clinic Research Fellow, says the Department of Health Sciences Research and author the study. ‘We thought that heart failure could be a reason for premature mortality in these patients. However, we had not anticipated that the incidence of heart failure would be so high. ‘.

Note to editors: Since the subjects in which the present analysis was conducted 1) have no direct patient relationship with the investigators and 2) participated in this study under strict confidentiality, participants are not for media interviews. Lead investigator, Gabriel, is available to discuss media.

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