Antidepressants cannot be recommended in kids with autism: Study By Dr Ananya Mandal.

General, no advantage was found by the experts in the five trials in children and some proof serious harm, including one child who suffered a prolonged seizure after acquiring citalopram. The two trials in adults thus were really small and, although there was some proof for improvement in symptoms, the authors concluded there is too little evidence for the medicines to be recommended. The extensive research was funded by the kids Hospital at Westmead, Financial Markets Foundation for Kids and the Australian Department of Aging and Health.’..They interviewed participants and a member of family also, checking for prolonged daytime sleepiness, drowsiness or lethargy in spite of sufficient sleep the night time before, periods of disorganized or illogical thinking, or cases of staring into space for long periods of time. A complete of 12 % of the participants experienced at least three of the symptoms, meeting the requirements for cognitive fluctuations. Those with mental lapses were 4.6 times much more likely to be identified as having Alzheimer’s. Of 216 identified as having very mild or gentle dementia, 25 experienced mental lapses; of the 295 with no dementia, only two got mental lapses. Furthermore, individuals with mental lapses did even worse on tests of memory space and thinking than people without mental lapses.