AlterG M300 anti-gravity treadmill machine for physical therapy treatment centers.

‘The brand new M300 is made to take all the benefits of our existing anti-gravity home treadmill and make it more affordable and manageable for physical therapy clinics, training and fitness services and individuals. AlterG removes the obstacles connected with training and physical rehabilitation – impact on your body and the discomfort and difficulty of recovery – and assists even more people attain their teaching and rehab goals.’ Whether a weekend warrior dealing with procedure or a hardcore athlete teaching through an damage, AlterG enables visitors to rehab faster, train like a pro, or accelerate fat loss even. Allowing people to operate and walk at a fraction of their body weight , AlterG’s Differential Air Pressure technology applies a precise and comfortable lifting force to the body, so people can move and discomfort free naturally.Calhoun Vision LAL Light Adjustable Lens for customized cataract surgery Vision RejuvenationTM Victoria, a Canadian head in advanced cataract and refractive lens exchange surgery is just about the first centre in Canada to implant the world’s first Light Adjustable Intraocular Zoom lens. This cutting edge technology allows the intraocular lens to be adjusted to a patient’s ideal individual visual requirements after implantation through the secure, fast and noninvasive software of light. The medical procedures was performed by Dr. Lawrence Brierley, Medical and Surgeon Director at Vision Rejuvenation, who is in an investigation examining application through Wellness Canada to perform a clinical study to look for the safety and efficiency of the Calhoun Eyesight LAL and light delivery device.