After successfully piloting the idea at Females & Infants and Kent hospitals.

Through the consultative program, patients see Drs. Picotte or Fiori for a one-time consultation. Suggestions and Evaluations for treatment are delivered to the referring physician within one day. Social workers help secure the appropriate services for patients locally also, including outpatient services, time hospital and inpatient programs. The patients continue their ongoing treatment with their medical/medical physicians. Now, Butler offers Dr. Fiori’s services to all referring physicians on its campus two afternoons weekly. Also on the Butler campus, Sharon Shepard, MD, provides offer kid and adolescent psychiatric consultations to all referring physicians. ‘By getting patients directly into see a psychiatrist, with minimal delay hopefully, and providing opinions to the medical/surgical doctors, the goal is to enhance the medical and psychiatric treatment given to the patients,’ Dr.This might allow doctors to take care of more patients, more effectively. So far, this has only been proven in a laboratory establishing using genomics. Another steps would be to clinically test these therapies to see if patients with cancers which have the signature 3 molecular fingerprint do respond as hoped to these treatments. It takes a long time of research to release a new drug as not only does any brand-new treatment need to be effective, it also needs to be proven to be safe in humans.