A poll by Ipsos Canada shows.

‘Yet despite having the combined efforts of all of us in the system – health care providers and our individuals – usage of health care solutions is only getting worse – and sustainability without access is meaningless.’ The 2004 Report Card reinforces the message CMA offers been delivering since February this year, that Canadians number 1 nervous about medicare is timely usage of health care services. Fully 97 percent of respondents agreed that any discussion of sustainability of the health care system must add a assurance of timely access.But what is needed most – a treatment that does more than just ease symptoms – isn’t at hand. We don’t have anything that slows or stops the training course, stated William Thies, the Alzheimer’s Association scientific director. We’re actually in a silent home window at this time with new drugs, he said. Several promising ones flopped in late-stage exams – lately, Pfizer Inc.’s Dimebon. Results on many others will not be ready until next season.