Says a University of Toronto researcher.

Option to hysterectomy for women with painful uterine fibroids Women with painful uterine fibroids may not know there can be an alternative to hysterectomy, says a University of Toronto researcher. Women are just not obtaining the information. They can cause pain, severe bleeding and unpleasant intercourse /natural-sources-of-sildenafil-citrate . In the past, women often had hysterectomies to handle the problems. UFE is a fresh and minimally invasive procedure that preserves the uterus relatively. It functions by essentially choking off the blood circulation to the fibroid. Once the blood circulation is blocked, the fibroids shrink and will be expelled from the physical body.

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To that final end, we believe that the same research principles and requirements for showing effectiveness should apply to both typical and complementary and alternate treatments. And because evidence is a key element of prudent decision-making, we have to change the existing regulation of health supplements in this country to encourage more research of these widely used products also to guarantee their quality,’ he said. Written to assist the National Institutes of Wellness in developing research strategies and establishing priorities for evaluating products and techniques within complementary and alternative medicine , the record also assesses what’s known about Americans’ reliance on these therapies.