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Feeling slightly overwhelmed? During the presidential campaign season, it's no surprise that people become a bit more stressed and inundated with info. Vote out of your core values, and you will feel confident in how you cast your vote always. Each of us has a right to our opinion and to exercise that opinion at the polls. You will see many people who have whom we disagree generally, and this is the beauty of our political program – it allows for options and diversity. The closer we reach Election Day, the even more jargon, finger-pointing, one-upsmanship and derogatory statements become the norm in political advertisements.Related StoriesFinancial incentives offered to help pregnant ladies quit smoking are highly cost-effective: StudyNoninvasive CT scans much better than stress tests at spotting clogged arteriesUAB study aims to provide improved care related to reproductive wellness of women with CFThe Royal University of Nursing says the survey confirms that nurses are under pressure, and are also under valued and under paid. The RCN says tension is a serious issue for nurses who are subjected every day to violence and misuse from patients and family members, while trying to handle the day-to-day pressures of having to handle more duties with fewer resources because of deficit-led cost cutting.