Caution that fake Amazon. book reviews faked A group of leading British authors has posted a letter in The Daily Telegraph, caution that fake reviews by self-promoting authors might be widespread . The letter came after RJ Ellory, a best-selling crime article writer, admitted to faking online book reviews. In articles under the names ‘Nicodemus Jones’ and ‘Jelly Bean,’ Ellory wrote five-star evaluations of his personal books, calling his award-winner A Tranquil Belief in Angels a ‘modern masterpiece.’ ‘Ignore all of the dissenters and naysayers, this book is not trying to be anything other than a great story, brilliantly told,’ he wrote. ‘Other things that it might do, it shall contact your soul.’ He also wrote one-star reviews of various other authors’ works.

The ‘New York Overview of Books’ two-part content by Dr. Marcia Angell, Senior Lecturer at Harvard Medical School and previous Editor in Chief of THE BRAND NEW England Journal of Medicine, summarizes it well extremely. She analyzes three books by authors Irving Kirsch, Robert Whitaker, and Daniel Carlat. Each deconstructs the obvious mental disease epidemic and theory that mental disorders stem from mind chemical imbalances which can be corrected by medicines. Dr. Angell’s review offers sparked a host of various other journalists to applaud her and gas the fire. Articles in Forbes also concludes, ‘psychopharma is looking like an idea whose period has passed.’ As an overview: 10 percent of Americans over age group six consider antidepressants.