Bug Stings and Bites Bug bites and stings are simply annoying.

Bug Stings and Bites Bug bites and stings are simply annoying, causing temporary pain and discomfort, but no serious or long lasting health problems. But sometimes, they are able to cause infections that want treatment and allergies which can be serious, even fatal lady-era.net . Parents should know the indicators of an infection or allergic reaction, so when to get medical care. Inform all caregivers if a kid has any history of complications therefore they know what to do in case of a bug bite or sting.


Demand for insecticide medicine fell and demand for Bug Buster Kits rose. 677 children from three institutions took component in the Ghent study, with active infestation rates in the educational schools which range from 13 percent to 20 per cent. Parents who took part in the Portland study reported that lice problems had been minimised and could be easily controlled. The majority of the family members studied in detail were using the Bug Buster Kits every week or monthly and just a small minority needed hands-on help to enhance their confidence and abilities.