BioControl Medical initiates INOVATE-HF research of CardioFit system BioControl Medical.

BioControl Medical initiates INOVATE-HF research of CardioFit system BioControl Medical, a medical technology company that marketplaces and develops advanced implantable gadgets for the treating autonomic disorders, has announced first individual enrollment in the INOVATE-HF clinical study in Northwest Texas Heart Medical center, Amarillo, Texas, by research investigator Suresh Neelagaru, M here .D. The potential, randomized, controlled research is designed to measure the system’s potential to lessen hospitalization and loss of life among individuals with HF, even though also exploring whether combined treatment with prescription and CardioFit drug therapy works more effectively than drug therapy only. Results of the analysis will be utilized to aid a Premarket Approval Software to the U.S.

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