Army: Many treated for PTSD.

Army: Many treated for PTSD, returned to war NORTH PARK – It is still as yet not known if the soldier accused of killing 17 Afghans was ever identified as having post-traumatic stress disorder — but also if he previously been, that alone would not have prevented him from being repaid to war. The Army diagnosed 76,176 soldiers with PTSD between 2000 and 2011 read more . Of these 65,236 soldiers had been diagnosed at some stage of their deployment. Many came back to the battlefield after mental wellness companies determined their treatment proved helpful and their symptoms had opted into remission, Army officials and mental medical researchers who treat troops state.

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It qualifies the developer for inspection-fee reductions, protocol assistance, a centralized application procedure and a decade of marketing exclusivity upon the drug’s authorization. Glenn Mattes, Chief and President Executive Officer of Arno, stated: ‘The EMA’s orphan-medication designation represents another important part of our development program for AR-42 that will assist us pursue its clinical development for the treatment in this rare and debilitating disease. AR-42 is currently being studied in a Phase I/IIa clinical trial in adult individuals with relapsed or refractory hematologic malignancies and solid tumors.