Valley 25x’25 promotes sensible solutions to achieve 25 percent renewable energy in the Shenandoah Valley before 2025.


Residential Solar Energy in The Valley: A Feasibility Assessment and Estimate of Carbon Mitigation

This project will conduct a feasibility assessment of the adoption and diffusion of solar energy in the residential sector of the Shenandoah Valley. The feasibility analysis will use formal technology assessment techniques to evaluate the opportunities and barriers to adoption of three solar energy technologies: (1) solar photovoltaic, (2) solar thermal for domestic hot water, and (3) solar thermal space heating systems. Four specific categories of opportunities and barriers will be addressed in depth: technical, economic, social, and public policy.

Green Impact

This project will research, develop and implement a community outreach program that will work with local organizations and small businesses to reduce energy use and identify sustainable opportunities available to businesses in the community. This community outreach campaign will also educate and raise awareness among community members on the importance of reducing energy use and promoting renewable energy sources. The project will be conducted and serviced by JMU graduate and undergraduate students.

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