Cardium receives $245.

Cardium receives $245,000 grant under QTDP program Cardium Therapeutics today announced that it was awarded a cash grant of approximately $245,000 beneath the U.S. Government’s Qualifying Therapeutic Discovery Task program to help expand its Generx clinical advancement program.Fifty-five % of those instances are in China by itself. The stunning rates of tummy and liver cancers in the U.S.’s Korean and Vietnamese populations could be traced, in part, back to Asia, where hepatitis B is certainly endemic. Chronic attacks from the disease are a major cause of liver cancer there, and recent immigrants show similar prices as their home countries. Foods saturated in nitrites and nitrates, common in Korean cuisine, are usually at fault also. McCracken, an epidemiologist with the Culture, is caution clinicians and the public to be more alert to the problem, especially as circumstances that bring about the bigger death rates connected with these cancers could possibly be prevented.