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Zern. It might be extremely interesting to determine if the differentiation to hepatic precursors was a required step because of this treatment, stated Dr. Stephen Strom, a professor of pathology in the Section of Pathology at the University of Pittsburgh and section editor for Cell Transplantation. Other research organizations are actually showing similar outcomes with cells without the hepatic characteristics, including unfractionated and fractionated bone marrow and mesenchymal stem cells. Taken collectively, these data claim that the results these researchers find could be the result of paracrine results from elements secreted by the donor cells.Hans-Michael Klein, Associate Professor in the Division of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Operation at Dusseldorf Medical School in Germany, on Saturday who shown the initial results at a session, August 29th. Mark R. Tauscher, president and ceo of PLC Systems, stated, ‘We’ve been monitoring the work of Dr. Klein and others in utilizing our TMR therapy together with stem cells for some right time, and therefore we are quite pleased to see the positive initial results of his medical study presented to an important audience like ESC. Should such a therapy be proven effective, it would provide a new avenue of treatment for center failure patients, who #5 5 million in the U approximately.S.