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Offers called on presidential applicants Sens. John McCain and Barack Obama to develop a comprehensive national strategy to fight HIV/AIDS, VOA News reviews. Ravinia Hayes-Cozier, director of federal government relations and public policy for the National Minority Helps Council, said it is necessary for the next U.S. President to address HIV/Helps in the country because ‘there has been silence on the domestic aspect about HIV/Helps.’ She added that’s ‘important’ that people living in the U.S. ‘still see [HIV/AIDS] as an epidemic that’s impacting people in this country, particularly minorities, ‘ and that the true number of minorities living with HIV/AIDS in the U.S.There are also probably the most powerful very foods on earth including natural chocolate, purple corn, and many more.. Sportsmen aren’t necessarily off the hook with regards to health risks College-age football players who put on weight to add capacity to their blocks and tackles may also be setting themselves up for diabetes and cardiovascular disease later on in life, a fresh study suggests. Almost half a sample of collegiate unpleasant and protective linemen who underwent a electric battery of checks for the study got metabolic syndrome. This implies the players acquired at least three of five risk elements that indicate one has higher likelihood of developing cardiovascular disease and diabetes than those minus the risk factors. Based on the total results, standard wellness screening for these risk factors could be advisable for all collegiate soccer players, said Jackie Buell, director of sports nourishment at Ohio Condition University and lead writer of the study.