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British children think junk food is the norm New research by scientists with the British Heart Foundation suggests that two-thirds of children do not regard fast food as a treat. In a poll where 500 youngsters were questioned, 82 percent didn’t think of crisps as anything special and over fifty % did not consider sweets to be a treat nizagara c est quoi . The charity says children’s diets in Britain are actually so poor that more than two-thirds of them usually do not think fast food is a particular treat. The British Heart Foundation wants the federal government to ban the marketing of what it describes as processed foods to kids as the text messages they deliver undermine what is ‘normal’ food.

The top carrying out countries – Finland and Sweden – have nearly half that rate with 911 and 919 kid deaths per million, respectively. ‘Although Britain just were able to meet the UN millennium goal of reducing kid deaths to two percent by 2015, Britain continues to be way behind the majority of other Western countries,’ says Professor Pritchard. ‘Indeed, the infant mortality rate in Britain is greater than in Portugal or Greece despite their struggling economies, who used to really have the highest price in the West. Certainly if we had the same rate as Portugal there would be a lot more than 1,200 fewer British deaths’ The study compares the problem in Britain with twenty other Western countries. It examines child mortality rates in the context of every nation’s relative poverty index .