Although precise data is not available.

This type of cancer is due to a large tumor, about 2 inches or larger in diameter, is defined, by the size of a plum, when first diagnosed. The cancer may have spread into lymph nodes or other tissues. It has, however, has not spread to distant parts of the body.. Although precise data is not available, can LABC for 50 % or more of breast cancer in women in the developing world, and 30 % of breast cancer cases among the socially disadvantaged and minority the United States in the United States.

The authors of this study are: Drs Formenti and Schneider; Ksenia Karpisheva; Steve Braunstein; Carolina Pola; Judith Goldberg; Tsivia Hochman, Herman Yee, Joan Cangiarella and Rezina Arju. All rooms are affiliated with NYU School of Medicine.;;. 297:1825. -1827)Please refer to the article to more information, including financial information, funding and support for.