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Infants fed cow’s milk in initial 15 days of existence are protected from dangerous allergy symptoms later on Tel Aviv University says early contact with milk proteins from cows boosts allergy resistance later on in lifeMany doctors claim that entire cow’s milk end up being avoided in the first weeks of an infant’s feeding. Lactation specialists additional go even, counseling mother’s milk just until baby begins eating solid meals. But new study from Tel Aviv University says that moms who feed their infants cow’s milk in the initial 15 days of lifestyle could be protecting their kids from dangerous allergies down the road lose weight .

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Infants from frozen embryos less inclined to be premature A Danish study has discovered that IVF infants born from embryos that are frozen are less inclined to be underweight or premature than those conceived during fresh treatment cycles. Frozen embryos are thawed before they are utilized and there’s been some concern previously that the freezing procedure perhaps damages the embryo for some reason. The researchers discovered that the common birth weight of these babies was 200g a lot more than in fresh-embryo IVF plus they say the usage of frozen embryos could quickly be recognized as a totally safe procedure which may be used even more often.